Innovative water electrolysis technology

The water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment developed by Kohodo & UNSW succeeds to reduce the unit voltage consumption and operation cost effectively. With high efficiency and stability, it is leading in international level.

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1. Traditional water electrolysis technology requires rare metals (platinum, iridium, etc.) as catalyst and electrode materials, while our innovative technology only uses low- cost materials which are easy to produce.

2. The 3-D electrode increases the surface area of the electrode and shortens the distance of mass transfer, significantly enhancing the reaction efficiency of electrolysis.

Professor Chuan Zhao is an internationally renowned electrocutor who has published more than 80 high-level research papers in recent years, including two articles in the Natural Communication, one article in the National Academy of Sciences, four articles in the American Chemical Society Journal and four articles in the German Applied Chemistry International Edition. He also owns two international patents, 5 invention patents in Australia, and four of the invention patents have been successfully commercialized.

The team dedicates to making use of nano and bio technology to solve the electrochemical problems in clean energy and life science.

In regard to developing cost-effective electrochemical catalyst, the team has attained a cohort of breakthroughs, which are significant for intermittent energy storage around the world. The highly-efficient electrode developed by the team has been published in the Nature Communications.