Water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment

The water electrolysis hydrogen generation equipment developed by Kohodo & UNSW succeeds to reduce the unit voltage consumption and operation cost effectively. Moreover, the purity of the hydrogen reaches 99.99%.With standard working pressure at 1.6Mpa, hydrogen production capacity ranges from 0.1Nm3/h to 1000Nm3/h.


1. Energy saving and efficient: average unit voltage 1.76V, rated current 4600A, energy consumption of direct current < 4.0kwh/m3 and alternating current <4.3kwh/m3.

2. Highly integrated, compact, small footprint and easy for installation.

3. Zero emission and pollution.

4. Long service life. The lifespan of the electrolyzer is more than a decade.

5. Digitally monitored, fully automatic and unmanned operation.